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Dresdner Angstwörterbuch

Last update: 21. April 2017

name: DAW - Dresdner Angstwörterbuch, Version 2000
author: Hendrik Berth
literature: Berth, H.; Romppel, M. (2000): The measurement of anxiety and dogmatism with computer aided content analysis. In: Blasius, J.; J. Hox; E. de Leeuw; P. Schmidt (Eds.): Social Science Methodology in the New Millennium. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Logic and Methodology, Cologne, October 3-6, 2000. TT-Publikaties (CD-ROM, ISBN 90-801073-8-7).

software format: CoAn, also runs with Intext and TextQuest (file compatible). DAW2000 is the original by Hendrik Berth that includes all flected forms of verbs and adjectives, where as DAW2003 is an edited version that makes use of TextQuest's powerful definition of search patterns, e.g. word roots.
number of categories: 6
number of search patterns:
DAW2000: 3978 entries
DAW2003: 1493 entries
language: German
text genre: headline of newspapers
The categories are (in German):

1 Rohwert Todesangst
2 Rohwert Verletzungsangst
3 Rohwert Trennungsangst
4 Rohwert Schuldangst
5 Rohwert Angst vor Scham, Schande
6 Rohwert Diffuse, unspezifische Angst