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Gottschalk-Gleser dictionary

Last update: 21. April 2017

name: Gottschalk-Gleser dictionary?
author: Gottschalk, Gleser
literature: Gleser GC, Gottschalk LA, and Springer KJ: An anxiety scale applicable to verbal samples. Archives of General Psychiatry 1961; 5: 593-605.
software format: PCAD
number of categories: unknown
number of search patterns: unknown
language: English
text genre: specific

Category details:

  • Anxiety (including Death, Mutilation, Separation, Guilt, Shame, and Diffuse Anxiety subscales)
  • Hostility Outward (including Overt Hostility, Covert Hostility, and Total Hostility Outward subscales
  • Hostility Inward
  • Ambivalent Hostility (hostility originating externally and directed towards the self)
  • Social Alienation-Personal Disorganization
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Hope
  • Depression (with 7 subscales)