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verbal tone of political messages

Last update: 21. April 2017

name: tone of a verbal message
author: Roderick P. Hart
literature: missing
software format: Diction, built-in
number of categories: 5 main and 35 sub categories
number of search patterns: 10000
language: English
text genre: specific

Category details:

  • Certainty: Language indicating resoluteness, inflexibility, and completeness and a tendency to speak ex-cathedra.
  • Activity: Language featuring movement, change, the implementation of ideas and the avoidance of inertia.
  • Optimism: Language endorsing some person, group, concept or event or highlighting their positive entailments
  • Commonality: Language highlighting the agreed-upon values of a group and rejecting idiosyncratic modes of engagement.
  • Realism: Language describing tangible, immediate, recognizable matters that affect people’s everyday lives