Last update: 20. April 2017

This overview was found by David Clifton.

Name country orientation availability date provider
The Times United Kingdom conservative July 1, 1985 LexisNexis
The Guardian United Kingdom liberal July 1, 1985 LexisNexis
The New York Times USA conservative June 1, 1980 LexisNexis
The Los Angeles Times USA conservative January 1, 1985 LexisNexis
The Washington Post USA conservative January 1, 1977 LexisNexis
The Toronto Star Canada liberal September 3, 1985 LexisNexis
The Globe and Mail Canada centrist November 14, 1977 Factiva
La Presse Canada centrist January 2, 1985
The Irish Times Ireland centrist January 31, 1981 Factiva

Political orientations for non-American newspapers as assigned by the World Press Review.