Text Analysis Info

Overview on software that analyses texts and other sources of human communication


Utilities for the processing of textual data

Here you can find some utilities that are helpful to prepare your text(s) for the processing by text analysis software.

A note on PDF-files: The file can contain texts that were generated by some text processing software like MS-Word, TeX/LaTeX, OpenOffice and the like. If you have this kind of PDF-files, you can extract the text and use it for later analyses.

Sometimes books or artices were scanned. Scanners store the information in graphic files - e.g. with file extensions like JPG, PNG or GIF. These files can be connected to a single file and stored in PDF-format. If this is the case, you cannot extract the text from this kind of files. You can try to use an OCR-software (OCR = optical character recognition) to do this, often scanners come with this software.