Last update: 20. April 2017

Video annotation software.

Anvil 5.1.16

program: Anvil 5.1.16
author: Michael Kipp
author: Michael Kipp
distributor: Michael Kipp, Hochschule Augsburg, Germany
documentation: is included in the software
download: ANVIL download page
operating system(s): MS-Windows, Mac OS-X, and Linux
description: Anvil - written in Java - is a free video annotation tool, used at research institutes world-wide (see the Anvil User Web). It offers frame-accurate, hierarchical multi-layered annotation driven by user-defined annotation schemes. The intuitive annotation board shows color-coded elements on multiple tracks in time-alignment. Special features are cross-level links, non-temporal objects and a project tool for managing multiple annotations. Originally developed for Gesture Research, Anvil has also proved suitable for research in Human-Computer Interaction, Linguistics, Ethology, Anthropology, Psychotherapy, Embodied Agents, Computer Animation and many other fields.
Anvil can import data from the widely used, public domain phonetic tools PRAAT and XWaves which allow precise and comfortable speech transcription. Anvil can display waveform and pitch contour. Anvil's data files are XML-based. Special ASCII output can be used for import in statistical toolkits like SPSS. The Anvil system is written in Java and should run on Windows, Macintosh and Unix (Solaris/Linux) computers.
There is also a mailing list.

CasualTranscriber 2.0.6 20170225

program: CasualTranscriber 2.0.6 20170225
author: Yasu Imao, Osaka University, Japan
documentation: online tutorial
download: freeware
operating system(s): Mac OS-X
description: CasualTranscriber is a utility program to assist transcription of audio/video text. It can handle most of the file types QuickTime can handle. This program hasn't been fully tested, there will be no further development.

CLAN - Children's Language Analyser

program: CLAN
author: Brian MacWhinney
distributor: CHILDES Project
description: not available any more. See Anvil as a successor.

inqscribe 2.2.3

program: inqscribe 2.2.3
author: unknown
distributor: Inquirium, LLC
documentation: quick start guide
download: free download with restrictions, 14 days free version with full features
operating system: MS-Windows, Mac OS-X
InqScribe supports a wide range of audio and video formats. It is designed to streamline the process of annotation (as well as literal transcription) and allows the user to link comments to specific time points within the media itself.


program: Diver Digical Interactive Video Exporation & Reflection
author: Roy Pea
distributor: Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning (SCIL), Stanford, CA, USA
documentation: none
download: none
operating system(s): seems to be Mac OS-X
description: DIVER is a tool for authoring and sharing DIVES. A DIVE is an annotated perspective on any video record. Content can be captured by equipment ranging from basic consumer video cameras to specially built, high-resolution 360-degree panoramic cameras with a multi-microphone array.
The page looks interesting but there seems to be no information how to use it unless you contact the development team. The service is free and also available via the web.

Multitool 1.0b2 - no longer available


Praat 6.0.28

program: Praat 6.0.28
author: Paul Boersma and David Weenink
distributor: Paul Boersma and David Weenink
documentation: beginner's manuals in English, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Hungarian
download: free download for all operating systems
operating system: MS-Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux, other Unixes, source code available
description: This is a big tool box for many kinds of analyses of spoken language.

SALT 16 - Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts

program: SALT 16
author: Jon F. Miller,
documentation: online training, recorded webinars
download: trial versions for MS-Windows and Mac OS-X
operating systems: MS-Windows, Mac OS-X, no version information is provided.
description: Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts (SALT) is software that manages the process of eliciting, transcribing, and analyzing language samples. SALT includes a transcription editor, standard reports, and reference databases for comparison with typical peers. It is limited to English.

Sonal 2.0.77

program: Sonal 2.0.77 in English or in French
author: Alex Alber in French
distributor: Sonal Team
documentation: There is no manual, but a kind of FAQ called tutorial.
download: freeware in French, English, Spanish, and German
operating system: MS-Windows
description: Sonal if a free software for qualitative research. It lets you collect, organize, transcribe and code and analyze audio/video files. You can also use it for analyzing your data with different methods including duration analysis, word frequencies and conversation analysis. There pages in French contain the newest information, the English pages seem to be outdated.

Transana 3.10

program: Transana 3.10
author: Transana was originally created by Chris Fassnacht. It is now distrubed by Spurgeon Woods LLC
documentation: online help
download: source code and documentation
test version: Transana test version for MS-Windows and for Mac OS-X.
tutorial: A short video and corresponding transcript used in conjunction with Transana's built-in tutorial.
operating systems: MS-Windows, Mac OS-X
Transana offers the most sophisticated tools available for the qualitative analysis of text, still image, audio, and video data. Work with the data you want the way you want, using your qualitative methodology of choice.