Last update: 3. October 2023

You can advertise your products and services on this site and attract new customers. This page is linked from many other sites, and the total hits of all pages on this site is up to 80,000 per month, or up to 1000 visitors including robots, web spiders etc. each day. If you need more information, please mail.

There are several ways of advertising:

  1. as a link to your site: This is possible as a link from to your site, you can include a small graphic or text also. The price for one year is 250 € (Euro), about 260 USD (that depends on the exchange rate). You can choose the place on any page, as long as it is not occupied by someone else (in short: first come, first served).
    After one year you can decide whether to continue or not. There is no automatic extension of the contract. Contract time (one year) starts with the placement of the ad, you will be notified by e-mail. A two years contract is 450 € (470 USD).
  2. get an own place in the navigation bar (left), e.g. QDA training worldwide, this is 300 € (Euro), about 320 USD a year. Conditions are the same as above. A two years contract is 500 € (550 USD).
  3. as a news item on the main page, this is 50 € (Euro), about 55 USD. A certain time it will remain on the top, but that depends on other advertisers that place their news in this position. You provide the text that may contain a link to your site or an e-mail link, but no graphics/pics. The information you provide must be new, e.g. a new release/version of your product or services. After one year your news will be removed. Conditions are the same as above.
  1. which page
  2. what position on the page (top, bottom, etc.)
  3. your information (graphic and/or text, the size depends of the amount of space available at the position.
  4. payment is charged in advance
  5. Payment: You pay all expenses for the money transfer, e.g. Paypal charges about 7 % for transferring money from North America (USD) to Europe (Euro). Often bank transfers are a cheaper alternative.